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June 13, 2011


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Mon Jun 13, 2011, 8:26 AM by Deceptiteam:icondeceptiteam:

Credits are earned by submitting art and fan fiction. Any properly finished fan work counts for credits. Only finished artwork and fan fiction may count for credits. By finished, colored or shaded in any medium is preferred. Clean line art is also acceptable. OCxCanon, base made art, and tracing does not count for credits. However, you can still submit that type of fan work to the main gallery.

While Battle Stars and Rank are your stats and fighting ability, credits are 'money to spend' in the game. There will be stores and some fun interaction with canon characters in the future where these credits can be used. This includes and won't be limited to purchase of weapons, Battle Stars, bribing for a rank up, buying into special side missions, and buying a second 'game character' slot.

You are expected to keep your points up to date in your Datapad. Mods will keep track of your points in the member directory post. In the future a directory of stores will be posted in this journal.  Only 5 credit pictures are accepted a day.

+What Counts for Credits+

All stories and art must be done after March 1st, 2010.
All art  and stories must be finished to count for points.
Art must be finished and colored.
Art must not be traced or created on bases.
Stories or chapters much be at least 3 pages long and final draft.
No OCxCanon stories or art count for credits.
No chat RP logs unless edited into story form.

:new:Human/Holo versions of your character are acceptable for credit as long as they are following the above rules.

:new:Human/Holo of Canon characters can be placed in the Human/Holo FAVORITES folder in the group.

Anything else that does not count but you want to show off can be placed in the Fodder folder. Only 1 fodder item is allowed to be submitted daily.

[Credits Gallery]

+Points Earned Since 9/17/14+
Andromeda :bulletpurple: Llealynarisia :bulletpurple: 19 (None Spent)
Asare :bulletpurple: Usa-Wolfdog :bulletpurple: 6 (None Spent)
Avvade :bulletpurple: Tugera :bulletpurple: 37 (None Spent)
BlackThunder :bulletblack: silvercynder :bulletblack: 6 (None Spent)
Blanche :bulletpurple: AumbreSuai :bulletpurple: 12 (None Spent)
Bleak :bulletpurple: mizuyaiba :bulletpurple: 29 (None Spent)
BuckShot :bulletpurple: Predatorspet :bulletpurple: 1 (None Spent)
Circuitbreaker :bulletpurple: gigaworks :bulletpurple: 21 (None Spent)
Crash :bulletpurple: transformers-scart17 :bulletpurple: 1 (None Spent)
Crescent :bulletpurple: DJ-Soundwave16899 :bulletpurple: 26 (None Spent)
Datahack :bulletpurple: Dragonflames100 :bulletpurple: 4 (None Spent)
Dante :bulletblack: Mima-cry :bulletblack: 4 (None Spent)
Darkflame :bulletpurple: Shirobutterfly :bulletpurple: 7 (None Spent)
Dreamweaver :bulletpurple: Starsabre :bulletpurple: 11 (None Spent)
Eaglefire :bulletpurple: Kaiju-popsicle :bulletpurple: 12 (None Spent)
Falter :bulletpurple: Rakewn :bulletpurple: 1 (None Spent)
Fate :bulletpurple: ForgottenHope547 :bulletpurple: 10 (None Spent)
Gamble :bulletpurple: Shioji-san  :bulletpurple: 5 (None Spent)
Gnarl :bulletpurple: Henniarox :bulletpurple: 3 (None Spent)
Grey Noise :bulletpurple: ladyredvelvet :bulletpurple: 2 (None Spent)
Hailstorm :bulletpurple: downbox :bulletpurple: 36 (None Spent)
Hiddenstorm :bulletpurple: DarkFirestorm123 29 (None Spent)
Ivoryrush :bulletpurple: Notestryder :bulletpurple: 10 (None Spent)
Knight Phoenix :bulletpurple: pirate101-wizard101 :bulletpurple: 1 (None Spent)
Lustre :bulletblack: mizuyaiba :bulletblack: 18 (None Spent)
Metralla :bulletpurple: thewatersculptuer :bulletpurple: 2 (None Spent)
Moondust :bulletpurple: nobody-wasnt-here :bulletpurple: 5 (None Spent)
Mulhall :bulletpurple: ChronosAbyss :bulletpurple: 21 (None Spent)
Nightblade :bulletpurple: Mediziner :bulletpurple: 15(None Spent)
Nighthawk :bulletpurple: One-For-Sorrow :bulletpurple: 29 (None Spent)
Nightshadow :bulletpurple: SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M :bulletpurple: 70 (- 40 Spent = 30)
Nuke :bulletpurple: Obsidian-bubble :bulletpurple: 11 (None Spent)
Pendulum :bulletpurple: Reb3llion :bulletpurple: 20 (None Spent)
Phantom :bulletpurple: Cerebrobullet-art :bulletpurple: 2 (None Spent)
Phobos :bulletpurple: nightshade43 :bulletpurple: 10 (None Spent)
Prelude :bulletpurple: BitterSweetDrug :bulletpurple: 16 (None Spent)
Rapid-Fire :bulletpurple: AkakuMasterOfFlight :bulletpurple: 2 (None Spent)
Rashin :bulletblack: Normoro :bulletblack: 10 (None Spent)
Redbolt :bulletblack: liongirl2289 :bulletblack: 12 (None Spent)
Retrovirus :bulletpurple: SEZwho :bulletpurple: 18 (None Spent)
Rhoades Kurenai :bulletpurple: DarthRhoadie :bulletpurple: 10 (None Spent)
Riot :bulletpurple: Miin-Miin :bulletpurple: 22 (None Spent)
Sago :bulletpurple: spud133 :bulletpurple: 18 (None Spent)
Saturn :bulletpurple: SovietRedStar :bulletpurple: 7 (None Spent)
Scorpio :bulletpurple: TheFallingpiano :bulletpurple: 1 (None Spent)
Shadowice :bulletpurple: Annpar2009 :bulletpurple: 6 (None Spent)
Shadow Kai :bulletpurple: LunaSheWolf :bulletpurple: 3 (None Spent)
Silver Fang :bulletpurple: BlondeFromHell :bulletpurple: 43 (-20 Spent = 23)
Skyline :bulletpurple: ScatteredDreamer 19 (None Spent)
Sky-Z :bulletpurple: TraBot-BookUse102 3 (None Spent)
Sparkfire :bulletpurple: Drawingforaliving :bulletpurple: 1 (None Spent)
Stargazer :bulletpurple: CelestialDeth :bulletpurple: 2 (None Spent)
Steamcharger :bulletpurple: LochCamaen :bulletpurple: 16 (None Spent)
Subterfuge :bulletpurple: Synchros :bulletpurple: 3 (None Spent)
Trinket :bulletpurple: Kermie411 :bulletpurple: 1 (None Spent)
Tyranitron :bulletpurple: Meta-Cell :bulletpurple: 10 (None Spent)
Vertigo :bulletpurple: Lorkain :bulletpurple: 2 (None Spent)
Wallbug :bulletpurple: encune :bulletpurple: 17 (None Spent)
Wildsky :bulletpurple: Katdakat :bulletpurple: 14 (-1 Spent = 13)
Windstorm :bulletpurple: Happyhedgehog :bulletpurple: 1 (None Spent)
Wright :bulletpurple: BudgieKnight :bulletpurple: 10 (None Spent)
Zen :bulletpurple: tera633 :bulletpurple: 1 (None Spent)
Zydrate :bulletpurple: SuburbanWulf :bulletpurple: 5 (None Spent)

+Info For Joining Gameplay+

Please read all the info in the links below before submitting a profile to the game.

[Rules] + [Classes] + [Ranks] + [Forms] + [Join]

+Frequently Asked Questions+

Comment to this journal with any questions you may have about credits.

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Jazzy-Bunny Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
When do we know if we've received credits from completing a mission?
deceptitroops Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Missions do not give you credits, only side quests that mention they give credits do.
Jazzy-Bunny Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Alright thanks!
Israel42 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank u and sorry i was busy taking care of 6 kids.. but i finish one certain mission..
Mediziner Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
(I have a question, if someone makes art of their OC and another's OC of course with their permission pretty much just doing either casual or romantic interacting-- Clean to be precise, would it be accepted? Or do the OCs have to be separate if another is with them? I'm not the best explainer but I've been quite tempted to put in some of my works, but most of it is with a friend's OC...)
deceptitroops Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
(OC with OC will be accepted. Canon with OC is not.)
Mediziner Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
(Noted, Danke!)
Mediziner Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
( "All stories and art must be done after March 1st, 2010." Umm, that was 3 years ago? I think that would need a rearrangement? I have no idea... But it seems odd that this hasn't been altered or removed... :P)
liongirl2289 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Can you add Redbolt up there, when you have time? he has 4 other artworks, and 1 side quest
deceptitroops Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
((Credits will be added up in the next few days,))
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