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G1 Hook by SigmaCore I suppose I should be proud that my Medics are the most active class in the Decepticon ranks. Well, its time to see what your secondary class is going to be. You'll still report to me, and when missions call for certain classes you are still a Medic. Don't forget that.

All Medics will report to me, Hook, to be sent off on a nine solar cycle (nine day) long mission. Your weapons will be returned to you. You get to keep them once you have completed this mission and the four previous missions. On the outskirts of our Decepticon owned space there has been some fighting on a backwater tropical planet. Apparently the somewhat tech-organic native inhabitants don't like our Decepticon occupation there.

Your mission is to work on our main mobile army surgical hospital stationed there. While there you will be exposed to many secondary class options. Hopefully this 'field trip' will help you decide what secondary class you wish to pick.

For the number of the slow processor bots out there, this mission is for Medics only. You'll all have your chance to have your secondary classes soon. :bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletgreen:

+Communications = Emergency Medic
Medics with this sub class are connected to the Communications feed. They are familiar with simpler codes that would deal with medical emergencies. These medics are the first to know when their help is needed, either in the medbay or out on the battlefield.

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: Being on call for any emergency. Whenever an extra medic is needed to help you will be there no matter how little recharge you were able to get. Often you will be working triage and dealing with the most damaged soldiers the moment they are brought to the mobile hospital. Being wirelessly hooked up to the Communications feed, you are also expected to let other medics know when they are needed and what injured soldiers they should attend to first.

+Cyber Ninja = Acupoint Medic
Medics with this sub class appear to have a more of a defensive ninja style, but don't let that fool you. Their understanding of the Cybertronian form lets them know all the 'pressure points' as it were. By accurately hitting the right place they can quickly knock out an enemy or put them in pain. Also, the average Cyber Ninja have been known to be elusive and avoiding of the medbay even when injured. They are more likely to trust a medic that has an understanding of their ways and approach you privately for help.

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: Your responsibility is to keep the outer permitter of the mobile base area secure. Not only keep an eye out for enemies trying to sneak in, but also aid wounded trying to get to the medbot camp for help without leaving your post.

+Engineer = Constructor
This does not make you a Constructicon. Medics with this sub class have a great understanding of how the Cybertron form works. Where an average medic may patch up a beyond fixable part, Construtors would rather just build a new part to put in. Its Rumor that some are on their way to learning how to build an entire bot...

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: Due to the lack of time and some resources at this mobile army surgical hospital we are not expecting you to build vital parts from scratch for patients. However, you will be expected to scavenge parts from deceased and customize them as quickly as possible to fit into still living soldiers so that they will survive.

+Flier = Aerial Medic
A Medic with this sub class must have a flying alt mode. An Aerial Medic is known for two main things. First is they usually specialize in flier and seeker forms. Wing function and circuitry is seemingly a bit more complicated than any other parts of the Cybertronian form. The are also known for flying to normally hard to reach areas to give medical attention, often assisting field medics. Some even have the skills and steady hands to do life saving procedures while in flight.

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: According to reports even those the natives of this planet having no technology to have flying machines of any sort, there still a lot of aerial battles. Aerial Medics are needed to go out to areas downed Fliers are reported that a normal Field Medic could not get to. Patch them up well enough to fly themselves or bring them back to camp.

+Front Liner = Field Medic
A Medic with this sub class is a bot that knows well enough how to hold their own on a battlefield. Though they are combat savvy, their main focus is to find and treat the wounded. If you get in their way though, prepare for a fight. Not always the case, but some Field Medics to wear a symbol of some kind showing they are a medic. Often this is good on the battle field because most 'honorable' Autobots won't shoot on a medic helping the wounded.

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: You are needed on the battlefield to patch up downed troops enough to go back to the fight or get back to the camp on their own. Because of the lack of Field Medics you need to stay on the field. After you get them repaired enough to move its the soldier's job to get back in one piece.

+Guardians = Base Medics
A Medic with this sub class is like having a family doctor. When you are in town they have all your records and know you by name.  Sometimes more private bots will only visit the Base Medic. They know more the details personally about each bot and usually can figure out a problem and treat them faster than a stranger could.

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: Well, you're out of your element. Your main focus will be taking care of injured soldiers medical files that were sent from our main Cybertron base. Please make sure the medbots doing their medical duties know of anything preexisting in their patients charts. We don't want to give a patient already halfway offline a treatment that may kill them. You'll also be responsible for any assistance any active medic may need. Have fun playing nurse-bots.

+Scientists = Specialist
A Medic with this sub class can choose any more specific medical profession they want to focus on. From Combusters to Neurology to Spark Chamber functions. Anything is a possibility as long as your sub study is approved by Hook and Acidstorm. This would even count for Psychology if anyone would like the job position of Zealot Wrangler.

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: If there is any specific damage on a solider you feel you know more about, then go in and fix it. I'm sure the medics already there will appreciate a bot that specializes in something so they can hand off those patients to you while they take care of others.

+Tacticians = Tactical Medic
A Medic with this sub class is usually assigned to a battlefield team that they are responsible for being the medbot for. Their job is to keep the team functional and ready for the next fight.  In some ways they are like a  Field Medic, but instead of helping random injured you are focused on your team alone. They use their tactical skills on the battle field and when healing their teammates. Knowing them personally they know who would need patching up first and who can wait it out while they fix the others.

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: You will be assigned to a team of bots that are already on the battle field. You will be equipped like a field medic, but also have the medical files of the soldiers in your group. Take care of their specific needs and help them fight when needed.

+Zealots = Spiritual Healer
Medics with this sub class may lean towards a little, or completely practice holistic techniques. This can mean a wide range of things from relying on spark based healing to just prayer alone. It all depends on an individual medics beliefs.

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: Do whatever you slagging 'healers' do.

+True Medic
Some medics choose not to take a sub class and just focus on the broadness of the field. Still knowing the medbot basics, they also dab a little bit in other medical fields. Their skills are useful in unusual diagnosing situations and also as a teacher to other medics.

:bulletpurple:Task During Mission: Work on injured soldiers as they come. Your main focus will be to get them functioning so they can go back out on the battlefield as soon as possible.

For this mission, draw or write your character's experiences working one or more secondary classes. Stories must be at least 1500 words. Art must be at least clean lineart and flat colors or sketchy lines with colors or shades. At the end of your drawing or written submission your character has to state what Secondary Class they choose. Submit your mission to the Secondary Class folder. Once it is accepted you can list your Secondary Class on your profile. On your Datapad under Missions also link it as: Secondary Class Mission.

+Info For Joining Gameplay+

Please read all the info in the links below before submitting a profile to the game.

[Rules] + [Classes] + [Ranks] + [Credits] + [Forms] + [Join]

+Frequently Asked Questions+

Reply to this journal with any questions you may have.


The Hook pixel art created by SigmaCore is not be used, reproduced, recolored or otherwise modified in any way without express consent from the original artist.

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deceptitroops Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
*Hidden Item*
ScatteredDreamer Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Out of curiosity, should our characters know their secondary class from the beginning or the mission and while on the planet they learn and develop that secondary class's skills, or are they supposed to explore the different classes and decide at the end?
deceptitroops Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
(you can decide your second class later on. Only the Medic descriptions are posted now so if you have something else your mind might change once your classes subclass info is posted.)
ScatteredDreamer Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, I see. Thanks for the help. :)
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh dear lord. Picking just one secondary class is going to be so hard.

I've narrowed it down to Acupoint Medic [Nighthawk uses pressure points a lot as a defensive tactic], Aerial Medic [for obvious reasons], Field Medic [Nighthawk is combat savvy and has done this in the past], Base Medic [he was a "family doctor" before the war], Specialist [mostly for the position of Psychologist], or True Medic.

Gwaaaah. HALP? ^^;
deceptitroops Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
(The only one I wouldn't go with is base medic, because there is traveling pans for Nighthawk...))
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright then...
If I pick True Medic, how broad can his range of knowledge be?
deceptitroops Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
((True Class is meant to mean that the character knows a little bit of everything. A True Medic could do basic battle damage repair. An example of the limits: They could diagnose something that needed neurosurgery but it would be better to get a Specialist to do the surgery. They would have the knowledge to do the surgery but not the training/experience to deal with complications. They would have the knowledge of a Acupoint Medic but they wouldn't constantly use it as their fighting style. Basiclly, they have a general knowledge of everything but they are not super medics that can do everything.))
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...Graaaah. How basic is "basic battle damage," exactly?
deceptitroops Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
((I'm going to use human terms: Thinks like muscle/joints, stopping bleeding and repairing veins and arteries and outside armor damage is basic. Something that attaches to the spark chamber can be fixed but the spark chamber itself is a specialist job. A field medic would have would have general knowledge of how to keep a spark chamber functional enough for it to be repaired by a specialist. Processor issues would be a specialist field as well. We will probably go back and write more details once other sub class infos are written if things need to be made clearer.))
One-For-Sorrow Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now, where would a True Medic be stationed? Strictly at base, in the field, flip-flopping between the two...?

Also, regarding Field and Aerial Medics... Are they pretty much the same thing, except for the Aerial Medic's knowledge of flight and flight systems?
deceptitroops Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
((True Medics can leave the base. Aerial Medics are like Field Medics and do have a better knowledge of Flight Systems. They can also get to harder reach places in the battlefield.))
(1 Reply)
Zarak342 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
((Very, very nicely done))
deceptitroops Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
((Thank you!))
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